1 minute read | First published: June 28, 2023
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Partners of Fers in the cultural and social field work every day to make Fryslân even more beautiful. From libraries to museums and welfare institutions, they are there to make a difference in the province: where everyone can come along and grow further. Fers helps them to increase that difference as a space maker and innovator.Fers have been the support organization for the Frisian libraries for more than 60 years. Together with their partners, they form a network with a shared ambition: the very best version of Fryslân.  Fers is convinced that you can only solve small and large social issues if players in the cultural and social field work together as partners. Because Fers believes in the power of collaboration, they make it their job to make collaboration more fun and effective.With more than 50 employees, Fers works on this every day with rolled up sleeves, positive energy and great commitment. 

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