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2 minutes read | First published: March 17, 2023
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At  Kiberal Community the highest number of trainees in digital skills are the young people including Visually impaired persons so in this case once we partner with Tactical Tech we will manage to train more young people. The performance in school or college, look for jobs to improve their standard of living. Young people always feel that their tech needs can be rewarding when they visit the library because of free Wi-Fi. Our organization has been training the youths and school-going children on the advantages of the internet without informing them disadvantages. This makes it hard for them to know where the line falls between safe, authentic information, rewarding use and overuse of technology.
I am a trailblazer who teaches digital skills to young people, advocates for capacity building, and focuses on how to implement ICT innovative services in libraries. The services are unique within the informal settlement because the community cannot afford to pay for computer classes, others are school dropouts and the schools which surround the library lack adequate digital facilities and they always rely upon the library to access information. I train basic digital skills.The training I conduct in the library assists the youth to be able to search for information on their own, look for jobs, connect with other minded people, etc. Some young people are able to do online jobs and earn a living hence improving their standard of living. Some of these young people are school dropouts because of a lack of school fees and they even start learning online using the library computers. My main responsibility is to train community members about technology, and its effects on their daily lives.

Primary strengths

  • Am a trained librarian and tech-savvy champion
  • Have a passion for helping young people to learn basic digital skills and know the impact in a very simple way.
  • Always feel satisfied when young people improve their standard of living.
  • Have computers

Main limitations

  • Lack of resources: This includes adequate training materials and finance.
  • Difficult in relating other fields that influence technology.

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