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Technology-related human rights violations and state surveillance are not considered significant problems in Turkey. Therefore, Gözlemevi came to life, positioned as a research, intelligence, and resource hub for advocates, educators, civil society organizations, and other institutions that conduct any work on technology's impact on society. Besides its function as a hub, Gözlemevi conducts education and literacy programs for young people, social entrepreneurs, and activists. Gözlemevi works independently and cooperates with institutions such as NewsLabTurkey or FNF Turkey.
Gözlemevi is founded by ex-Googlers, ex-big-tech employees, human rights advocates, and civil society actors. They make skills, tools, workings, and learnings of big tech accessible to activists. Gözlemevi imagines a people-oriented internet ecosystem where technology corporations are held responsible for their actions. It empowers institutions working on other issues to integrate technology into their systems. For example, Gözlemevi's works and analysis have allowed many civil society organizations in Turkey to explore how microtargeting ads based on demographics can be used for segregation. Gözlemevi focuses on exploring power relationships and has a critical perspective on its take regarding technology companies' practices, policies, and workings. It "plugs in" other existing civil and advocacy networks to deliver its message; for example, they connect local journalists around Turkey through dokuz8haber or reach to other civil society organizations through the European Union Think Civil program.
Gözlemevi launches documentaries to inform people about the impact of technology on society. For instance, The Omniptikon documentary takes the users on a journey from the 90s onwards as it explores how technology evolved in a way that negatively affects society, informing the audience about surveillance, usage of our data, and the attention economy. In addition, Gözlemevi conducts algorithmic and digital literacy training Investigations: Gözlemevi conducts investigations on technology companies' practices and policies and how they impact society. Gözlemevi also empowers institutions with algorithmic literacy programs.

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