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ForSet is a Tbilisi-based creative enterprise on a mission to strengthen change-makers using data, design, and technology. They partnered with Tactical Tech to translate, exhibit, and test materials from The Glass Room: Misinformation Edition and What the Future Wants exhibitions.
ForSet produces work in the areas of data storytelling, community building, education and civic tech. They strive to make complex information more accessible to diverse audiences through their projects. They organise DataFest Tbilisi, an important networking event in the region, where sustainable communities can meet and be built.
In partnership with Tactical Tech, ForSet translated both The Glass Room: Misinformation Edition and What the Future Wants to Georgian. They showed the Misinformation Edition in English at DataFest Tbilisi 2022, and organised an event with their translated resources at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, inviting students, journalists and important digital and media literacy stakeholders in the country. Their goal was to illustrate to stakeholders that arts, visualisation and self-reflection are effective ways to educate people.
For their younger audiences, ForSet partnered with Tactical Tech with the objective of making the resources available to youth and educators across Georgia. The first step of this project was translating the What the Future Wants exhibition and the Data Detox x Youth into Georgian. In partnership with UNICEF Georgia they hosted the What the Future Wants exhibition at UNICEF’s event at the Contemporary Education Academy in October 2022, visited by students and teacher. Moreover, they have adapted the What the Future Wants co-creation workshop outlines and conducted four sessions with young people to test the materials. These adaptations enabled them to address the impact of digital technologies on Georgian society, and build young people's competencies so they can be in the driving seat of their digital futures.

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