EUDE DIGITAL Institute of Business & Technology

1 minute read | First published: November 16, 2023
  • Holistic & Digital Security
  • Investigative Methods & Tools
  • Media and digital literacy
  • Privacy & Rights
  • Technology & crises
  • Youth, Data & Tech
The Business and Technology Institute affiliated with EUDE Business School is a pioneering institution with a rich legacy, having empowered over 100,000 students across 25 years. Specializing in comprehensive programs encompassing business administration, digital marketing, and big data, the institute has been at the forefront of academic excellence.
Over the past eight years, they've championed responsible technology integration in education. Their innovative approach involves leveraging the Data Detox Kit to heighten student awareness regarding the ethical and mindful utilization of new technologies within the classroom.
Through this initiative, they equip their students with cutting-edge knowledge and a deep sense of responsibility in navigating the digital landscape.

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