2 minutes read | First published: March 17, 2023
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data_labe's work intersects human rights, race, gender, urbanism, data and technology. Their team has been investigating and developing new narratives and methodologies to talk to people about responsible use of the internet and privacy as a mindset. They believe in the democratisation of knowledge, and focus their work on People of Colour, women, LGBTQIA+ and marginalised groups.
View of all the posters together, shown outdoors The Data Detox exhibition was shown again on the Day of Human Rights in Rio de Janeiro, on a public square. Photo courtesy of data_labe.
For their partnership, they adapted the Data Detox Kit into a poster exhibition, which they showed at their annual festival, Criptofunk, an intervention organised by datalabe in partnership with Olabi, Observatório de Favelas and Intervozes. In 2022, the two-day festival convened groups of activists, favelas dwellers and those interested in the topic of digital care. The event's theme was deceleration, and the posters included the character _Sankofa, a bird from African and Afro-Brazilian philosophy which represents a return to the past, in order to reframe the present and build a better future.
View of the misinformation posters shown outdoors A close up on the posters about misinformation. Photo courtesy of data_labe.
The posters and experience created by data_labe further illustrates how civil society can use art and creativity to talk about digital rights. Inspiration was taken from The Glass Room: Community Edition formats, which use exhibitions as an engaging way to start conversations. Our partnership with them, also underscores the importance of content localisation (beyond translation). The use of important symbols and motif's in Brazilian and Afro-Brazilian culture, such as the Sankofa and popcorn curtains (a symbol of cleansing), contemporary language, visual identity and relevant timely local examples are key to producing meaningful resources.
Posters hanging on wooden wall with popcorn curtains Three photos where you can see the posters presented, as well as the placement of the popcorn curtains. Photos courtesy of data_labe.