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Tactical Tech’s Exposing the Invisible project offers resources that provide you with knowledge, good practices and tools to enhance your investigative skills.

Technology has transformed the way people find and share information. While digital technologies have raised several challenges, they have also empowered journalists, activists, artists, technologists and others in civil society to collaborate in uncovering hidden information and corruption and bringing evidence to light.

On, journalists, researchers, investigators and other evidence seekers can easily navigate, explore and access the latest investigative trends, resources and materials designed to empower a community committed to revealing the truth and promoting transparency and accountability across the world.

Through a series of talks, videos, podcasts, interviews, guides, workshops and more, Exposing the Invisible makes innovative techniques, tools,  methods and best investigation practices accessible to all.

The Exposing the Invisible workshops:  Now more than ever, the world needs more investigators!

These are freely accessible training plans for anyone interested in running investigative workshops. From the basics of digital safety, investigation methods and interviewing skills to investigating climate change adaptation and mapping disinformation networks, each workshop plan provides a step-by-step format that makes the content easily teachable in 2 to 4-hour-workshops.

Suitable for both experienced and aspiring trainers, the workshops can easily be adapted to your own needs and audiences. They come with a Facilitator’s Guide full of guidelines, techniques, tips and recommended tools on how to best train others in online and offline investigations.

All workshops are available in Czech, Greek, English, Estonian, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish,   Slovak, and Spanish. Access all you need to host your own workshops on investigation techniques at 

Download the flyer with all the information about the workshops here

Interviews with Investigators: discover the new trends and best practices

Exposing the Invisible produces films, video interviews and talks that capture the different techniques, tools, and, most importantly, the mindset and motivation of those working at the new frontiers of investigation.\  In this new series, seven journalists and investigators share tips and talk about their work, with topics ranging from cartography, media bias and safety to approaching psychological burnout and dealing with the pressures of investigation. Including:

Exposing the Invisible Talks: A deep dive into investigative methods and real-life cases

 Through our recorded ETI Talks, you can learn more about investigation methods and hear stories of recent investigations, including open-source intelligence (OSINT) methods and free tools for conflict verification, ways to handle disinformation during war, and how to adopt a mindset and ability to think proactively about information security. Talks include:

Finally, we invite you to check out the Exposing the Invisible Kit, which is a great companion for your investigative journey. The Kit is a collaborative, self-learning resource that makes investigative techniques and tools used by experienced investigators accessible to everyone. It is available in English, French and Spanish. Get started at: