Roehana Project: strengthening digital literacy of human rights defenders in Indonesia

2 minutes read | First published: October 27, 2023
Pictures by the Roehana Project taken during the training for human
rights defenders
During the training for human rights defenders, poignant stories emerged. Attendees recounted tales of how misinformation had tragic consequences, leading to the loss of some of their colleagues. Others shared how malicious actors targeted the data central to their advocacy work. In the complex landscape faced by Human Rights Defenders in Indonesia, the prevalence of online harassment, threats, and violence stands as one of the foremost challenges.
In response, the Roehana Project, a progressive alternative journalism organization in Indonesia that focuses on issues of democracy, human rights, gender and women, culture, and environment, conducted training for 20 human rights defenders from 11 NGOs. Drawing upon their expertise and local insights, the Roehana Project created a one-day training program that integrated elements from the Data Detox Kit.
Roehana Project adapted the Tactical Tech resources to contextualise them to Indonesian examples and converted the formats of delivering the materials to focus more on group discussions. The ultimate goal? To empower human rights defenders with a profound awareness of digital security, equip them with the skills to discern disinformation and misinformation, and instill in them the art of fact-checking.
Pictures by the Roehana Project. Training for human rights defenders
Pictures by the Roehana Project. Training for human rights defenders
'In this event, participants' digital awareness of the need for data detox increased. Starting from the description of digital security globally to the regional scale in West Sumatra. They became calmer in assessing how information should be parsed; advertising design can be dark patterns and persuasive to awareness of using applications and knowing how digital activities of colleagues in NGOs'.
'The collaboration with Tactical Tech strengthens our network as well as the capacity of our networks and this can be a positive and sustainable development for us in the issue of digital welfare.' —Diki R., Program Manager
Final report by Diki Rafiqi, Program Manager