International Young Catholic Students Africa: igniting digital transformation in Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Zambia

2 minutes read | First published: December 12, 2023
An activity from the What the Future Wants exhibition, children
pointing at bubble quotes from the activity.
Imagine a WhatsApp group named 'Digital Girls,' where young students from a Rwandan school gather to exchange their digital experiences and provide support to navigate the digital landscape. This initiative is just one example of the impact of educational events organised by the International Young Catholic Students (IYCS AFRICA) in the frame of the partnership with the What The Future Wants project.
Through the Peer to Peer approach, IYCS AFRICA trained selected students from Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Zambia to become peer facilitators, equipping them with the skills to effectively engage and educate their peers. Using the What The Future Wants exhibition during the workshops and Knowledge exchange sessions, IYCS AFRICA reached over 200 young people in the three countries. The empowered young trainers hosted workshops in the school libraries and their communities' common spaces, reaching 2100 students directly in the learning institutions."
The project achieved remarkable success, generating enthusiasm and interest while instigating a shift in behaviour. It was a pivotal moment that prompted a transformation in mindset and actionsIYCS AFRICA
  • Events hosted at Thika Library
    Pictures by IYCS AFRICA. Events hosted at school libraries and youth spaces participating to the initiative
  • Pictures by IYCS AFRICA. Events hosted Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Zambia
    Pictures by IYCS AFRICA. Events hosted in Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Zambia
This approach caught the attention of numerous organizations. In Zambia, a Youth organisation invited IYCS AFRICA to run sessions for 400 participants from Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Congo DRC and South Africa. The UNESCO Southern Africa office reached out to express interest in incorporating some material into their resources. Universities, schools, and other young organisations have contacted IYCS AFRICA to ask for assistance developing their digital programmes and training sessions.
"The partnership with What The Future Wants from Tactical Tech resulted in a noticeable increase in knowledge, leading to personal and collective actions aimed at fostering positive use and engagements with technology. The project served as a light bulb moment for both the students and our organisation, revealing how to package information that resonates and captivates the audience. It was an eye-opening experience, showcasing the power of relatable and engaging educational approaches"
Final report by Benson Makusha, Regional Coordinator