Who's the Third Wheel In Your Dating Life?

2 minutes read | First published: April 2, 2019

Tinder, Grindr, Happn, OkCupid, Match, eHarmony... there are so many dating services out there. The Data Detox Bonus will introduce you to the third wheel in your dating life and give you tips on how to share less and keep more secrets.

In 2017, when Judith Duportail asked Tinder to share everything they had collected on her during the 4 years she used the app, they sent her 800 pages of info including every time she opened the app, all of her matches and messages, the date, time, and location from where she wrote messages, plus information relating to her Facebook likes and friends, Instagram profile, and much more.

While any one piece of information collected about Judith may seem small, combining the 800 pages of data about her with the data from the millions of other users on these dating apps results in valuable info that certain groups will pay money for.

And the fact is, it's hard to tell where your data ends up.

In 2017, Tactical Tech and artist Joana Moll paid 136 Euros for 1 million dating profiles for a project called The Dating Brokers, exposing the hundreds of companies that want access to your profile. When you visit The Dating Brokers auction, you can click on the "buy now" button to view the anonymised photos and intimate details included in any of these profiles.

Take a look at the Data Detox Bonus to get some tips.