Members of the Supervisory Board

6 minutes read | First published: March 26, 2020

Open Call: Expression of Interest

We are seeking three new supervisory board members to work with our dedicated team at Tactical Tech and build the future of the organisation

As the world adjusts to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are witnessing how essential and valuable digital technologies are to our lives and our societies. At the same time, the challenges we face to our information flows, our civil liberties and our democracies have multiplied within just a few weeks.

At Tactical Tech we respond to these unprecedented developments and provide our expertise and support to others. Especially in these times we are a necessary independent, practical and creative resource that seeks to tackle some of the hardest questions. More than ever, we need the support of strong, experienced and dedicated Board Members in order to build a thriving, inspiring, committed Supervisory Board to support and advance Tactical Tech in its mission.

About Tactical Tech

At Tactical Tech, we strive to create a world where digital technologies can contribute to a more equitable, democratic and sustainable society. As a Tactical Tech Board Member, you will help shape the future of the organisation by overseeing the strategy. You will help build theory to move on our mission to investigate the evolving impact of digital technologies on society, with an aim to educate, share and create practical solutions.

Tactical Tech is a non-profit entity that was founded in 2003 as a Dutch Stichting. It has a turnover of €1.5 to €2 million per year and approximately 25 staff. It works globally, reaching over 2 million people per year through a range of projects, some working with civil society to increase their effective use of technology, others working on public education and capacity building of decision makers, so they can make informed choices about their use of technology and its impact on their lives and on their work.

Our current projects include: Exposing the Invisible (focusing on citizen investigation), Data & Politics (investigating the use of data in political processes), Data Detox Kit (educating adults about security, privacy and wellbeing) and The Glass Room (a programme of exhibitions worldwide), as well as an upcoming Youth Initiative.

The organisation is entering a new strategic period in 2020 and we are excited to add new Board Members to join us on a voluntary basis in building a strong and effective organisation moving forward.\ We are currently seeking three new Supervisory Board Members whose role will focus on supporting Tactical Tech’s work with their experience and knowledge in one or more of the following areas:

  • Youth and technology
    The next generation of technology users are more informed, politically aware and want to make different decisions about their relationships with technology. We want to support the younger generation to make more informed choices and to be able to determine what they expect from the way technology is present in their lives.
    The role as a Board Member in this sphere is best suited for someone with an experience in youth work, youth leaders, community leaders, professionals working in various non-profits, social enterprises or CSR programmes focused on young audiences.
  • Technology and politics
    We are working towards understanding and responding to the mechanics of data-driven influence and its impact on individuals, communities and societies, including power structures and democratic processes.
    This Board Member role is best suited to someone with a background in technology and innovation, research and academia, politically oriented non-profits who wants to see significant change in the tech industry.
  • Culture and politics
    Tactical Tech brings a unique creative approach to demystifying technology and understanding how to communicate this to different audiences with a political framing.
    We are looking for professionals from the design, art or culture sector, with a focus on and understanding of critical and engaged art that is participatory and prioritises public engagement.
  • Fundraising and socially-oriented business models
    We are looking for Board Members with extensive non-profit and social enterprise fundraising expertise, in-depth knowledge of various business models and organisational development, with a proven interest and successful track record.

Successful candidates will need experience in one of these four areas.

To be eligible for appointment
1. Any candidate will join the Board in their personal capacity and not as a representative of an organisation.
2. Any candidate must declare any potential conflicts of interest, and anything else that might affect their eligibility.

Essential Requirements
1. At least 10 years professional experience with a track record of excellence in executive-level management or leadership position in a non profit organisation, foundation, social enterprise or equivalent initiative, in line with the thematic areas of that call.
2. An active and in-depth understanding of one of our two main audiences.
3. Experience in fundraising and a strong existing network of contacts to funders, such as philanthropists and foundations, inter-governmental bodies, social investment, or arts and technology sectors.
4. Familiarity with finance, legal and governance requirements of a non-profit is a definite advantage.
5. An active knowledge of and interest in our work.
6. An international outlook and experience of working in different contexts.
7. A strong commitment to our mission and values.
8. Trustworthy, extremely grounded and personable.

When electing new Supervisory Board Members, the existing Supervisory Board and the Management Board will give due consideration to ensure that the composition of the Board reflects the diversity of the Tactical Tech team and our work.

Responsibilities include
1. Provides support to the Management Board on advancing Tactical Tech’s work, development of fundraising opportunities and connects Tactical Tech with a network of supporters.
2. Attendance at formal board meetings, twice a year.
3. Availability to take part in occasional less formal consultations and meetings in between board meetings to provide ad hoc support on specific organisational challenges or opportunities as and when needed.
4. Oversight of Tactical Tech’s strategy.
5. Acts as an Ambassador for the organisation.
6. Review of interim results, statements, organisational reports and annual audits.

Tactical Tech’s Board
1. Consists of five highly experienced leaders from a non-profit and social entrepreneurial background.
2. Governs Tactical Tech in compliance with its mission, vision, organisational values and internal working regulations in line with German and Dutch Law.
3. Focuses on strategy and governance rather than day-to-day operations.
4. Supports the sustainability, stability and reach of the organisation.
5. Provides advice on how Tactical Tech should respond to emerging issues outside of the strategic plan and supports the development of new areas of work in line with Tactical Tech’s mission and business model.
6. Provides legal, policy and financial advice to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and oversees the governance, health and wellbeing of the organisation.
7. Supervises the Management Board and appoints an Executive Director.

Please note that this is a voluntary unpaid position, for which travel expenses are compensated. This is a senior level position and a three year appointment. Only experienced professionals who meet the criteria should apply.

How to apply
To apply, please send your expression of interest, detailing which one of the four themes you believe you can support with, and a resume to Daniela O’Halloran, Finance and HR Director - - outlining in no more than 350 words your interest, experience and background.

The Tactical Tech leadership team would be happy to answer any questions you may have about what being a Board Member entails. Please write to if you are interested and have any questions.