The Glass Room San Francisco

2 minutes read | First published: September 17, 2019

The Glass Room San Francisco was the fourth major iteration of our pop-up intervention that examines how technology and data are shaping our perception, experiences, and understanding of the world.

Taking place from 16 October to 3 November, and following major interventions in Berlin, New York and London, The Glass Room San Francisco had over 20,000 visitors, a daily program of events, talks and workshops and over 50 artworks that playfully and provocatively make us think about our own relationship to the technologies we use every day.

Bringing this public education intervention to the home of big tech, not only sought to engage the general public, but also sought to create a dialogue with makers, developers, designers, and tech sector workers who wanted to learn more about the individual, societal, and political challenges of the tech industry today.

"After visiting The Glass Room I want to take more initiative as a person in tech to discuss the ethics of their actions." - Glass Room visitor

What goes on behind the screens and inside the black boxes of the devices we interact with everyday? If we knew, would we still sign-in or click ‘I agree’? How much trust do users invest in big tech companies, and what can be done if that trust is broken?

Daily talks, screenings and workshops further explored the these questions, with some of leading technologists, journalists and filmmakers in the field. An archive of the events program, including video footage of the talks programme, can be found here.

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