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Illustration by Ann Kiernan

What is the kit?

Exposing the Invisible - The Kit is a starting point for anybody seeking to question information that is false, find information when it’s scarce and filter information when it becomes overwhelming.

In the Kit you’ll find step-by-step guides and techniques such as recovering lost information from websites, using maps to uncover hidden details of places and events, or investigating a product’s supply chain to see the journey it takes from its source to your possession. Whether your motive is to verify a piece of information, collect evidence of events that happened in your neighborhood, or uncover possible wrongdoing,the Kit will show you ways to do so safely, ethically, and thoroughly.

About the project

For the past nine months, our small team at Exposing the Invisible has been actively experimenting with ways to promote investigation as one of the most important forms of engagement. Our reason for doing this is simple. We see investigation as a way to counter the suppression of opinions, bypass censorship, combat excessive secrecy and increase transparency, so that people can rely on facts rather than opinions and assumptions.

The content of the Kit was developed collectively by a group of researchers, activists, journalists, developers, artists and others eager to share knowledge on how to conduct investigations using a wide range of skills, tools and techniques. It all started at The Kit residency in Montenegro in July 2018 which you can read more about here. It will continue to be expanded by this community of investigators with new chapters and content.