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[Deadline extension] Call for partners: Join the ‘What the Future Wants’ project to empower young generations

Tactical Tech is looking for partnering individuals, organisations, or collectives to collaborate with the What the Future Wants (WTFW) project.

WTFW aims to put young people in the driving seat of their digital futures. Through education, co-creation and capacity building, we work towards increasing the data literacy of the next generation so that they can think critically and proactively about the digital environment they want to live in now and in the future. We have created the Data Detox x Youth activity book and the soon-to-be-released WTFW exhibition for young people.

Partnership goals

Over the next years, Tactical Tech is looking to expand and develop the What the Future Wants project. To do so, we are seeking partners to help us explore three main areas:

  1. Explore and test co-creation methodologies as a form of meaningful youth engagement

    Over the past year, we have been carrying out co-creation workshops with young people in which they shared their knowledge and insights and have a say in shaping their digital future. We would like to find partners who are also interested in co-creation processes to help us explore and test different approaches and methodologies in this area.

  2. Develop, adapt, localise and outreach Tactical Tech’s existing resources to better suit the needs of young people:

    We believe that the resources created in the frame of the projects:The Glass Room, the Data Detox Kit, the Data Detox x Youth and What the Future Wants have a great potential to reach more young people. We are looking for partners who can help us to further develop, adapt, localise and outreach these resources so that they meet the needs of specific communities and age groups. We are particularly interested in groups who are experimenting with digital and social formats.

  3. Provide educators with all the tools they need to bring critical data and tech literacy into their work

    We are looking for partners who are also interested in equipping educators with the skills, knowledge and methods of youth engagement in this area. This could be through training, peer-to-peer models, or helping us to develop and expand our educational materials and curricula.

Who can apply?

In order to be eligible for this partnership call, individuals, organisations, or collectives must meet all of the below criteria:

  • be currently working in at least one of the following regions: Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, South-West Asia and North Africa (SWANA), Asia, the Pacific Islands and Eastern Europe*;
  • work with young people on some aspect of digital literacy;
  • have access to an existing network of other local and national youth organisations and initiatives;
  • have the capacity to carry out these activities between July 2022 until May 2023;

*Applicants from the following European countries are eligible to apply: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, North Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine.

What we can offer you

Through partnering with Tactical Tech, you will have free access to:

  • high-quality resources that you can adapt to reach your specific communities;
  • support and advice on shaping your projects and plans through a co-development process;
  • training and capacity building opportunities that will provide you with skills and tools;
  • a global community of like-minded organisations;
  • promotion within our networks (approx. 6600 monthly newsletter subscribers, 48000 Twitter followers, and more across social media).

*Honorarium available for partners depending on their specific needs and partnership scope.

How to apply

To apply please complete this short survey (https://lime.ttc.io/index.php/396461?lang=en) by June 13th, 2022; 23:59 CEST.

Once the deadline has passed, Tactical Tech will review all of the applications and select candidates for interviews. The interviews will take place between June - July 2022. Due to limited capacity, we are unable to respond to unsuccessful applicants.

Any questions?

Hopefully all of your questions should be answered in this partnership call, but if something is unclear, or if there is a problem with the application, please email the youth team at youth (@) tacticaltech.org.

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