Annual Report 2021

2 minutes read | First published: August 16, 2022
Annual Report 2021

Today, more than ever, we need to reflect on our relationship with digital technologies. How do they impact the way we get informed and make decisions? How can we, as a society, mitigate the side-effects of an increasingly data-driven world? Tactical Tech works towards an empowered society that enjoys technology‘s opportunities while mitigating its social, ethical, political and environmental effects.

To ensure lasting transformations, in 2021, we worked to empower local structures so they can effectively take up challenges within their contexts. These collaborations strengthened our partners’ capabilities and enabled us to continuously learn from them to improve our interventions.

Collaborating with over 150 partners in more than 58 countries, Tactical Tech designs and co-develops creative and forward-looking interventions, exhibitions, events and educational resources that invite people to think about how technology influences their lives and changes the world they live in.

Together with our partners, we work to:

  • Change the conversation: Tactical Tech created initiatives and interventions that changed the conversations around the challenges created by digital technologies and possible mitigation alternatives.
  • Expand knowledge: Tactical Tech worked to further develop research and disseminate knowledge of how personal data is used in digital political campaigning, elections and other forms of political participation.
  • Advance skills: Tactical Tech strengthened a community of leading global experts and citizen investigators through events, resources and collaboration spaces.
  • Reach new audiences: Tactical Tech has a strategic partnership model that seeks to advance the ability of existing civil society structures. In the frame of this approach, Tactical Tech developed two collaborations with key partners.

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