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Annual Report 2020

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Call for Partners: Data & Politics

Tactical Tech is seeking international partners to co-develop public engagement materials on the topic of how political groups use technology and personal data to influence political opinion, election turnout and democratic processes - apply by 16th June!

A Data-Day

Check out this updated visualisation of the data you give away when you click 'I Agree', with key phrases from the terms and conditions of popular apps and services.

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The Glass Room San Francisco

Thank you to everyone who took part in The Glass Room San Francisco that ran from 16 October to 3 November 2019 with over 20,000 visitors, a daily program of events, and over 50 artworks that playfully and provocatively explore our relationship to technology.

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Retrieving and Archiving Information from Websites

In this chapter from Exposing the Invisible - The Kit, Wael Eskandar and Brad Murray explain ways to find and retrieve historical and ‘lost’ information from websites, to serve as evidence that something existed online, and ways to archive and preserve your own copies of webpages for future reference.

Activism on Social Media: A Curated Guide

There has been a lot of resources written on safer use of digital technologies and social media platforms for CSOs, grassroots groups, activists and politically-active individuals. Here we present a curated list of resources, a pool of links that can help you respond to existing risks and threats.