About us

Founded in 2003, Tactical Tech is a non-profit that has been working worldwide to demystify and promote technology in the context of activism for over a decade.

Working at the intersection of tech, activism and politics, Tactical Tech reaches more than three million people worldwide annually through events, training, online resources and exhibitions. We are an international group of technologists, activists, designers and practitioners based in Berlin, who work with citizens, journalists and activists to raise awareness about personal data, privacy and digital security.


See our TIMELINE for projects, publications, films and events since 2003.
Or read A Short History of Tactical Tech: How the organisation was started, and how it has developed over the years.


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We currently work within three programme areas:  Exposing & Shaping issues; Digital Security and Privacy; and Data Politics.  In all three we work to raise awareness, build practical skills and inspire critical reflection and inspiration.

Trainings and workshops

Through trainings and workshops we provide direct support to over 2000 advocates a year, through intensive training in small groups, as well as through 'flash trainings' or clinics at large-scale gatherings and conferences.

Things we make

We like to approach communication and training in a variety of ways. Browse our toolkits, guides, online resources, films, animations and visualisations.

Key Projects

 Security in-a-box - Tools and tactics for your digital security

   Me and My Shadow - Take control of your digital traces

   Exposing the Invisible - investigative tools and techniques