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We're very happy to announce the launch of our new platform XYZ, a space for critical debate on technology from a gender perspective.

Whether in meeting rooms or in demonstrations, holding online debates or organising campaigns, women use technology to re-imagine and co-create just, inclusive and equal societies. However, the very same technologies put women under risks and threats while trying to achieve their goals, spread their word and leave their mark. This website provides a critical debate around maintaining our safety and wellbeing in a world where technology companies capitalize on our attention and data, and the government institutions are short of providing adequate protection and remedies.

As part of this website, we're also releasing an Online Harassment Overview. This report is built upon interviews Tactical Tech conducted throughout 2017 with politically-active women from 25 different countries, to understand how their activism was affected by ongoing harassment in the form of threats, intimidation, blackmailing, slander, doxing and others.