[CLOSED] The Glass Room: Open Call for Ingeniuses

6 minutes read | First published: August 19, 2019

Do you want to learn more about digital privacy and internet rights, and teach people to take back control of their online lives? The Glass Room is looking for Ingeniuses.

Tactical Tech and Mozilla are looking for a team of “Ingenius” data and privacy champions who want to help host our Glass Room exhibition in San Francisco in October – November 2019. We will train you to show and inspire others how to improve their tech, privacy and data skills, and how to raise awareness about these issues. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you already know; passion and curiosity, about the technologies we all use are what count.

We want our team of Ingeniuses to reflect the diversity of the Bay Area, so we especially welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds and of any age, 18 and above.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Then apply to the Mozilla and Tactical Tech open call to become an Ingenius.

Application deadline: Monday, September 23rd

What is The Glass Room?

When you walk by the storefront window of the Glass Room, it looks like a sleek tech and lifestyle store. At first glance, it offers the latest in shiny digital consumer products, such as the newest tablet or fitness tracker.

But as you go inside, you find there’s nothing for sale.

Following hugely successful openings in Berlin, New York, and London and a further 127 events worldwide, reaching 130,000 people, we are bringing the Glass Room exhibition to the San Francisco Bay Area in October 2019.

The Glass Room engages in a dialogue with the public, the tech industry, decision makers, and the media about the current challenges related to digitization and the tech sector, from disinformation to online harms and from ethics in technology design to data privacy. Visitors can explore exhibits, take a Data Detox, or engage with our ‘Ingeniuses’ about the practical changes they can make to their online lives.

The exhibition and accompanying events program examines not only the social impact of technology but also pro-actively seeks solutions for and reflection on what kind of technology we want in the future.

Becoming an Ingenius

Tactical Tech and Mozilla will provide you with 4 days of training – a 3-day camp at Mozilla HQ plus one day of training on-site. Once you’ve completed this, you’re a fully-fledged Ingenius, ready to pass on your knowledge to others. The training takes place from October 4–7. As a trained Ingenius, you will staff 8 to 10 four-hour sessions in the Glass Room in October – November.

The training will introduce the politics of data and privacy, showing you how to take control of your smartphone, your browsers, and your online behavior. We’ll provide the low-down on the basics of digital security, metadata investigations, and much more. By the end of the training, you’ll be ready to facilitate our one-hour, in-store workshops, and interact with visitors.

What do you get out of becoming an Ingenius?

• Four days of professional development training and the opportunity to practice new skills by interacting with visitors of the Glass Room and facilitating one of our workshops;

• increased knowledge in the field of data and privacy from a technology, politics, arts and activist perspective;

• fresh insight on quick teaching interventions and demonstrations about data, privacy and digital security issues;

• a new network of organizations and individuals – including Tactical Tech and Mozilla;

• a resource base of new tools, ideas and teaching formats;

• new communications skills helping you reach out to non-experts on politics of data topics;

• a great experience with a small and dedicated team of like-minded individuals;

• a Certificate of Completion highlighting your facilitation training and celebrating your contributions to The Glass Room;

• an honorarium for your participation in training and sessions working in the The Glass Room

Who can apply to become an Ingenius?

You should be:

• a resident of the Bay Area willing to commute to downtown San Francisco;

• 18+;

• available for 4 days of training in October

• willing and motivated to volunteer (with an honorarium) 8 to 10 four-hour shifts, run one-hour workshops, and help out with upkeep of The Glass Room

• relatively comfortable running one-hour workshops for small groups;

• interested in acquiring awareness-raising and training techniques;

• personable and comfortable interacting with strangers;

• interested in understanding the impact of data on individual autonomy;

You should have:

• excellent communication and people skills;

• a good level of computer literacy mixed with a fearless or playful approach to technology;

• a gentle but bold approach that is open, friendly, and engaging

To apply, please send an email to events@tacticaltech.org with answers to the questions below.

Please include a resume if you have one and feel free to link to any info that will give us more insight into you and why you are applying.

If you have any questions, please contact Tactical Tech at events@tacticaltech.org

About Tactical Tech

Tactical Tech is a non-profit organization, working since 2003 to advance the use of information and digital technologies by advocates and activists worldwide. Based in Berlin, we work with an international network of partners and collaborators to help rights, accountability and transparency advocates and the communities they work with to use information and digital technologies effectively in their work.

About Mozilla

Mozilla is the non-profit behind the popular web browser, Firefox. We believe the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. We work to ensure it stays open by building products, technologies and programs that put people in control of their online lives, and contribute to a healthier Internet.

Questions for applicants



  1. Why are you interested in becoming an Ingenius? (provide 3 reasons)
  2. Tell us about your work background. What are some organizations, companies, clubs, or school groups that you've been part of?
  3. Describe any related volunteer or work experience.
  4. Tell us about your experience with customer service or working directly with clients.
  5. Do you have any experience running a training or facilitating workshops?
  6. What tools, tactics or strategies do you use, if any, to protect your online privacy? (max. 100 words)
  7. How would you take your experience and learning as an Ingenius forward?
  8. What do you think about the current state of privacy online?