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[Update] Security-in-a-box Tactics Guides

Tactical Tech's digital security project Security-in-a-Box includes two types of content: Tactics Guides that provide general advice about digital security and Tool Guides that walk visitors through the process of installing, configuring and using specific, free and open-source digital security tools.

After publishing 19 updated English Tool Guides and 106 translated Tool Guides early last year, we are now publishing six updated English Tactics Guides on how to:

  • Protect yourself from malware and phishing attacks,
  • Protect your information from physical threats,
  • Create and maintain strong passwords,
  • Keep your digital communication private,
  • Remain anonymous and bypass censorship on the Internet, and
  • Use your smartphone as securely as possible.

We are combining three of the remaining Tactics Guides into a single guide on how to 'Protect the sensitive files on your device', which we will publish later this year.

30 translations are currently under way and will be published shortly. They include updated Tactics Guides in Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Bahasa Indonesia.